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Sea Marshall AU9-WF


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Auto-activated alerting unit that transmits a homing signal on 121.5 MHz as part of a Maritime Survivor Locating System (MSLS). Use with Mobilarm base unit.

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411,81 € incl. BTW

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The Sea Marshall AU9-WF transmits an emergency homing signal on 121.5 MHz that is received and tracked on a dedicated base unit to quickly locate and rescue a man overboard. If outside help is needed, Search and Rescue forces can also track the missing person using the 121.5 MHz frequency.

The higher power output makes it ideal for use in remote locations, such as offshore windfarms, as its emergency signal can transmit further.


  • Lightweight and easily fitted to lifejacket or PFD
  • 2 second auto-activation or manually operated
  • 40-second activation override from OFF
  • 500mW power output
  • 24 hours emergency transmission on 121.5 MHz (international Search and Rescue)
  • LED strobe on antenna for visual tracking and to indicate beacon operating status
  • Automatic low battery indicator, user replaceable battery
  • Test function to check signal transmission and battery power
  • 2 year battery service life
  • 1 year standard warranty